The New Dogma F12

Even More Aero. Even More Power.

How do you improve upon a Grand Tour dominating machine? By decreasing drag by 8 watts. The new Pinarello Dogma F12 reduces drag and increases efficiency to give you gains of 1 sec per kilometer. That’s fast. They’ve improved everything from the cockpit to the chainstay and everything in between. Check out the details below or stop by today.

Coming Soon

Dogma F12 Rim

Available July

Dogma F12 Disc

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Faster, Lighter, Stronger

Cable Integration

Internal cable routing and integration reduces cable drag by 85%.

Integrated Cockpit

The Talon Ultra is a fully integrated bar and stem that has 5% less drag than the F10.

New Fork Design

The new F12 fork is designed to decrease drag by 15% while increasing resistance to torque from disc brakes.

Direct Mount Brakes

Rim brakes are mounted directly to the frame via two pivot points, giving you greater control over your brake power.

Stiffer Chainstay

Newly designed chainstays give the F12 10% more lateral stiffness than the F10, increasing your efficiency and speed.

Split Spacers

The F12 has split spacers which allow you to adjust the head height, without having to reroute cabling.

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