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Our Favorite Routes

Los Angeles Bike Rides and Routes

If you love to ride your bike, it's hard to do better than the coastal areas of Los Angeles. Just minutes from the heart of the city, you can climb to the skies, or pedal alongside the famous beaches of Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, and more.

Here's a curated set of some of our favorite rides, with a bias to the Helen's Cycles Santa Monica/beach areas. Click on the links to view the routes on Strava, where you can also download the GPX file to your phone or computer. Be sure to join our Strava club.

Have a favorite route, or a question? Get in touch on Facebook Messenger or Instagram, or stop in at one of our stores to talk to our local ride experts.

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Topanga Cyn – Fernwood Pacific – Piuma

ROAD: A short stretch on PCH, North on Topanga, to Fernwood and Saddle Peak. Descend Piuma to Las Virgines, Mulholland, and Old Topanga.

Sullivan Ridge-Topanga Park

OFF-ROAD: Sullivan Ridge to Dirt Mulholland, west to Topanga State Park and Eagle Rock.

Encinal Canyon-Mulholland

ROAD:  Pacific Coast Highway to Encinal Canyon, to Mulholland, and Old Topanga.

Sullivan Ridge - Westridge

OFF-ROAD: mixed road and dirt to Sullivan Ridge, Dirt Mulholland, and Westridge

Paseo Miramar-Topanga Fireroad-Dirt Mulholland

OFF-ROAD:  road on PCH and Sunset, climb Paseo Miramar, to Topanga Fireroad through Topanga St. Park and Dirt Mulholland, to Westridge.

Topanga-Old Topanga-Stunt and Tuna Cyn.

ROAD: Pacific Coast Highway to Topanga Cyn., Old Topanga, Mulholland to Stunt Rd. Descend Tuna Cyn. to PCH