Giordana Trade Vero Shorts

Giordana Trade Vero Shorts
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Much like the "Little Black Dress", every cyclist needs their go-to pair of little black shorts that they know look good and go with everything. The Giordana Trade Vero Shorts fit the bill and work perfectly in any warm weather cycling situation. Designed to fit well by lightly hugging the waist area with a light internal waistband elastic, the tapered fit and premium Moxie Lycra keep the short in place around the waist, hips, and over the thighs and back side. 190E Leg Bands normally found in Giordana's most premium level garments, find their way into these shorts as well. Further aiding in a comfortable, secure fit that doesn't over constrict the riders middle thigh area.

- Internal light elastic waistband
- 190E leg bands
- Moxie Lycra used throughout the short
- Reflective accents at the back of each thigh
- W-Cirro O.F. Chamois