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Profile Design V4+ Carbon Aerobar Extensions

Profile Design V4+ Carbon Aerobar Extensions
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The V4+ Carbon introduces a new extension paired with the new L2 bracket. The V4+ extension is a variation of the T4+ extension bend, featuring a higher-rise Ski-bend to compensate for the lower mounting position of the extensions. The clamp design places the extension below the basebar with a stack height of 2.25cm below the T-series aerobars. Combining the L2 bracket and F40TT armrest offers small incremental adjustments, producing our best ever reach and width range.

- Bracket: L2 Bracket
- Armrest: F40tt
- Armrest Stack: 37.5mm
- Armrest Reach: -31.85mm to -76.85mm (7.5mm Increments)
- Armrest Width (C-C): 183.2mm to 294.2mm (100mm Ext. Width)
- Extension Length Adjustment: 211mm to 343mm (center of basebar to tip)
- Extension Length: 366mm
- Extension Height: 84mm
- Extension Angle: 30°
- Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm (26.0 w/Shims)
- Weight: 550g