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Nate Loyal

Nate Loyal

Professional Bike Fit Specialist

Appointments are required for all fittings. Please contact Nate directly at or by phone at (310) 927-6283. More information on these fittings and Conform'able Insoles can be found at

Head to Toe Fit

Road & Gravel – $275
Mountain & Tri – $300

1 – 1½ hrs

Bike fitting is most importantly about injury prevention. Think of it as fitting the bike to you, not you the bike. Nate analyzes your pedaling style, takes angle measurements from your legs, shoulders, and pelvis and also looks at any knee movement that could be caused by improper cleat placement or possible foot angle. Through the fit you will be more comfortable, efficient, and powerful on the bike because the bike is being fit to your personal biomechanics and ability.

Head to Toe Power Fit

Road & Gravel – $375
TT & Tri – $400

2½ – 3hrs

Beyond the Head to Toe fit, Nate now offers a way to test your efficiency and increase your power. By using the Computrainer and Spin Scan program he can dial in your fit even further, as well as help you get closer to spinning those perfect circles that everyone keeps talking about. You will learn how to engage muscles more efficiently throughout the pedal stroke, helping you become a smoother and stronger rider.

Conform'able Insoles

per pair

30 – 45 mins

Conform'able In an effort to help riders become more comfortable and connected to their bikes, Nate also makes full custom cycling-specific insoles. After making ski boot fittings for decades, Conform'able has taken their knowledge and expertise and has applied it to cycling. Their insoles are engineered to improve power and endurance while protecting joints from wear and tear.