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Explore More, With A Gravel Bike

Ride Outside The Lines

Gravel riding can take you almost anywhere, from fast, paved roads to rocky, off-road surfaces far from civilization, and everything in between. Not a road bike, not a mountain bike, these versatile machines have understandably become very popular for providing comfort and speed over just about every terrain type you can ride. Whether you're exploring every corner of the city, or want to leave it far behind, a gravel bike can take you where you want to go. And we have some of the best.

Road Speed with Off-Road Capability

Comfortably Quick

Gravel bikes have a snappy-yet-stable character that mixes cyclocross and road geometries. A relaxed riding position, longer chainstays, and larger tire clearance all contribute to a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Built For The Long Haul

To accommodate your needs on rambling rides, some gravel bikes include various mounts to attach feed bags, additional water cages, or bikepacking gear.

Ultimate Versatility

Go for a purer on-road and off-road experience just by adding a set of wheels. Run lightweight road wheels for spirited rides on tarmac, then swap out a burlier off-road set to get on rougher stuff the next day. Just one bike can give you both.

Trek Gravel Bikes

Domane is for cyclists who ride mostly on pavement but want the ability to grind gravel on occasion. Models range from the affordable AL (aluminum) version to the SLR which features the top-of-the-line Trek OCLV carbon frame. See the Domane range.

Checkpoint is made for gravel aficionados who mainly ride off-pavement and want tons of capability. See all Checkpoint bikes.

Cannondale Gravel Bikes

Cannondale makes a wide range of gravel bikes suited for whatever on/off-road application you have in mind. 

The Topstone line includes aluminum, carbon fiber, and electric models, with and without suspension, for moving beyond the pavement and back. 

The SuperSix EVO SE carries the race-oriented legacy of the SuperSix bike family into the off-road world. 

More Gravel Bikes

Helen's Cycles also carries many other capable gravel bikes, including the Pinarello Grevil, Santa Cruz Stigmata, Ibis Hakkalugi, and more. Looking for something in particular? Give us a call.

Gravel Bikes In Stock Now

$11,999.99 - $12,799.99
$2,799.99 - $2,899.99
$2,799.99 - $3,399.99
$2,249.99 - $2,499.99
$2,249.99 - $2,499.99
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