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Bikes For Kids 

How to pick the right kids' bike


Choosing a children's bike - we make it simple.


1. Size: kids' bikes are measured by wheel size. For best fit, come into the store and try the bike with your child for size.

2. Gears: bikes for older kids may come with gears. Especially if you live in a hilly area, you may want gears to make pedaling easier for your child.

3. Frame and fork: some bikes for older kids have off-road tires, disc brakes and/or suspension forks. If you'll be riding off-road, or on rougher pavement, you should consider a bike with suspension and mountain bike-style tires. 

We sell bikes made by Cannondale, Electra, Schwinn, Trek, and other brands that are known for building quality bikes for all riders, even the youngest ones. 

How to find the right kids' bike, that's just right for your kid

Children's bike sizing

Kids come in many sizes, and so do their bikes! Unlike adult bikes, which are measured by their frames, kids' bikes are measured by wheel size. The approximate age breakdown for wheel sizes is shown below. We have bikes for all kids, aged approximately 2 years old and up. These include balance bikes, single-speed coaster brake bikes, multi-geared bikes, and special purpose bikes such as mountain bikes for kids. 

The most important factor for children's bike size is comfort. No matter what their age or height, you need to be sure they can operate the brake comfortably, reach the handlebar, reach the ground, etc. We do not recommend buying a bike that the child will "grow into," because that would be a bike that is too large, or is difficult to steer and handle safely. We recommend that you come into our store and put your child on a bike to find the right fit. But if you want to get them a bike as a surprise gift, or order one online, we can suggest the right size if we know height and arm/leg length.

Ages 2-4 

12" - balance bike

Your child's first bike may be a balance bike, which comes without pedals, chain, or gears. These bikes are ideal for training kids to coordinate balance, steering and movement.

12" - bike with pedals

For the youngest riders, these single-speed bikes come with coaster brakes, activated by pedaling backward to slow down. They also have training wheels, which may be removed when your child can balance on their own.

Ages 3-6 

16" bikes

These bikes often have a single speed (one gear), and a coaster brake. This is likely the bike your child will use when first starting to do longer bike rides.

Ages 5-8 

20" bikes

Bikes in this size begin to have more features, such as hand brakes, shifters and multiple gears. If you live in an area with hills, a bike with gears will make it easier for your child, once they get used to when and how to shift. 

Ages 7-12 

24" bikes

At this size, bikes start to become more specialized – more like adult bikes, but just in a smaller format. We have very capable mountain and city bikes from top manufacturers. Some models have rugged suspension forks to smooth out rough roads and trails, and can accommodate wide, knobby tires for grip and comfort on and off road.