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WD-40 Bike Wet Lube

WD-40 Bike Wet Lube
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WD-40's Wet Lube is the perfect bicycle lubricant for riding in wet and muddy conditions. Their exclusive formula has been tested and proven by mechanics and cyclists and is amped up for premium lubrication. Wet Lube improves shifting and extends the life of your chain and drivetrain components by repelling moisture and gunk.

- For extreme wet and muddy riding conditions. Works well in winter conditions as well (handles cold well)
- Improves shifting and extends chain life by repelling moisture and gunk
- Goes on wet, stays wet
- Does not contain wax
- Specifically developed for bicycles and thoroughly tested by WD-40 scientists in partnership with IBDs, pro bike mechanics, and pro cyclists


WD-40 BIKE Lube