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Pickleball Accessories

Diadem Pro touch Overgrip 3pk tape
Diadem Pro Touch Overgrip provides a thin and tacky feel that works in all conditions. In humid or cold conditions the soft and durable PU offers dry traction touch feel that stays tacky for hours. Thickness: 0.60mm Includes Three overgrips per package.
Franklin Sports Pickleballs X-40 Loose Balls
The X-40 is the official pickleball of USA Pickleball and the US Open Pickleball Championships.The X-40 Performance Pickleball is a premium quality ball that will play well on any outdoor surface. This ball delivers the best in-game flight out of any ball on the market thanks to our machine drilled holes. The accuracy of the machine drilled holes will assure that each ball will play consistently one after another. The X-40 is the best pickleball on the market, try it for yourself today! USA Pickleball Approved 26 gram weight is perfect for players of all skill levels Official size, 74mm diameter
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